Seeking Fairly Priced Coder For Open-World World War 2 Survival Game

We’re looking to hire someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to networking in Unreal Engine 4.

Our game is a World War 2 Open-World Survival game like DayZ and Ark. Our terrain is 20km x 20km, and because we’re primarily artists, we need coding help from someone who is experienced with not only networking but World Composition as well. Please send a PM if you’re interested in the work. You must have some experience in this. We can’t afford to pay you learn on the job. Thank you for checking this out.

I sent a PM.

At that point, you need to move the origin to close to the player, because you’ll see physics instability 10 km away from the origin.
This means that a player looking across the entire map with a scope should/would not see other players/entities at the very far end.
To get solid physical simulation for maps larger than about 8kmx8km, you’ll need to use a double precision physics engine, which unfortunately Unreal Engine doesn’t include by default.
(You can hack in another physics engine, with a lot of hard work.)

Also: “Fairly Priced” seems rather vague. A “fair” price is a price that a seller and buyer agree on. Which particular part of the world you’re looking in, and exactly how experienced/lead-level a programmer you need will significantly change the cost you should expect to pay.

Thanks for the advice.

How much we’re paying and what ends up being fair like you said something that the seller and buyer has to agree on. But the cost I expect to pay is irrelevant to the cost that a programmer expects to be fair. This obviously would be discussed and negotiated between us after we’ve gone over the details of what we need done. “Fairly priced” is as vague as an offer you should expect to find on the forums. Specifics are always done in private.

To be honest, you’ll probably run into quite a few issues if you tried such a vast draw distance, and actually expose the entire map in that way. The chief one of course is performance, but you’d also run into the issue of pop-up/fade-in, and distant terrain looking barren and just generally bad due to LODs.

The simple answer of course is to design your terrain cleverly with the use of mountains, hills and buildings so that the player can never see more than a certain distance in any direction, but still feels like they have a nice big expanse to explore.

We’re looking to make the terrain as accurate as we can based on satellite data so we don’t have the luxury of relying pulling any design tricks with mountains and buildings. That’s why we’re looking for someone who has some experience working in this field if anyone like that exists at all. It’s a challenge of course but we think that’s where the money lies in this project so we want to do our best to make it work.

There’s significant experience with this kind of thing in the military/simulation industry. There were also some people in the surveillance/satellite industry, but they all went to Google.
It can totally be done, assuming you have the budget. I’d expect the high-end graphics/satellite/world people at Google to be making about 200k per year – something like that?

We’ve got the satellite data. We’ve made the terrain. Not sure what you’re getting at with this other than just coming across contrarian by nature. That part is already done. We’re artists by trade and I guess by your post we’ve already done 200k per year’s worth of work.

I’m not even sure what you’re doing here. Are you applying? Or just asking how much money we have?

Still looking.