Seeking experienced programmer to update and enhance an existing Unreal plugin

I am looking to hire an experienced programmer on a contract basis to update an existing unreal plugin built for unreal ~4.2 to 4.20 and make some additional enhancements. The plugin imports game data (e.g. skeletal meshes, terrains, animations, etc.) from a known set of custom file formats. It includes code for reading these file formats from their binary form and importing them into unreal as content. The original plugin solves a lot of the core functionality but I would like to make some enhancements to the import process (e.g. select data for import) and change some of the existing behavior.

Some enhancements I am looking to make:

  • Update the plugin to the latest Unreal version and fix any bugs due to API changes
  • General clean up of the plugin code
  • Add a new Slate UI interface for the import process
  • Update the importer to import terrain data as one landscape actor instead of multiple landscape actors
  • etc.

The code is already written, I also have some code for the slate interface for the import process. I don’t have the time to complete this myself and looking for someone else to support to get the code to the state I want.

What the work will look like:
You will be working with another experienced developer (me) who will be able explain all the details of the underlying file formats and any technical questions. Your code will go through standard code-review process with appropriate technical review. You will be able to work on this on your own time according to your own schedule but will be expected to complete the work in a timely manner.

I estimate the project to be approximately 80-160 hours depending on the experienced level of the developer and their experience with low level internals of Unreal Engine. The project has a clearly defined scope and I will help in breaking them down into smaller more manageable tasks so that you are able to have clear stages for deliverables a long the way.

I am looking for an experienced programmer that:

  • Has strong communication skills in English
  • Is be available at least once a week during American CST for a video/voice meeting for the term of the contract and available via chat applications / email otherwise
  • Is an experienced C++ developer and ideally experienced in Unreal’s internals
  • Is comfortable working remotely and independently
  • Is experienced with Git and related tools/processes (e.g. merge requests, code review, etc.)

Please not that I am seeking someone who is an experienced programmer or experienced at programming within Unreal. I don’t require professional software experience or professional game development experience but it helps. My priority is to find someone who is comfortable reading code, working at a lower level (e.g. reading byte streams) and can work independently in a timely manner. My priority with this project is function and quality. I am open minded when it comes to hiring someone but please be honest regarding your ability level and experience.

I am open to hiring from any location globally as long as you meet the above criteria.

Please contact me at if you are interested in the position or have additional questions.