Seeking developers and technical artists for ongoing engineering and visualization projects

Kinetic Vision is seeking developers, technical artists, UI/UX designers, and other real-time graphics specialists to help design and build a variety of business-oriented AR, VR, and 2D interactive software. We develop custom applications for a diverse array of clients in the consumer products, biomedical, manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace sectors, including VR training scenarios, trade show interactives, and simulations in support of engineering and machine learning.

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Team Structure:
As a whole, Kinetic Vision employs over 160 engineering, software development, and art professionals. This job posting is for our 10+ person real-time development team, which comprises a mix of developers, technical artists, 3D generalists, and project managers. Individual projects typically utilize 2-4 team members (usually 1 or more developers, 1 technical artist, and 1 project manager) and last several months in duration. Our artists and developers routinely collaborate with engineers, machine learning developers, and other technical subject matter experts.

Talent Required:
Kinetic Vision is looking to hire full-time, on-site staff for the following roles:

Technical Artist (1+)

  • Details and application form: Kinetic Vision Careers - Technical Artist
  • Role is something of a hybrid technical artist and 3D generalist, as our specific needs vary from project to project
  • Typical work involves scene setup, lighting, material creation, 3D asset creation, and rigging and animation
  • Most projects will involve some form of hard surface modeling, often based on reference imagery or CAD
  • Should be familiar with a Substance Painter and 3DS Max and/or Maya
  • Experience with mobile and/or AR projects a plus
  • Experience with real-time ray tracing a plus (currently used in multiple projects)
  • Experience creating automation (e.g. using Python) a plus
  • Experience with motion capture a plus

Unreal Engine Developer (1+)

  • Details and application form: Unreal Engine Developer - Kinetic Vision
  • Must have experience with both C++ and Blueprints
  • Must have experience with source control, preferably Git
  • Experience with VR preferred
  • Experience with optimizing for mobile platforms a plus
  • Experience with multiple software languages a plus (especially Python, C#, JavaScript)
  • Experience with pipeline automation and continuous integration a plus
  • Experience gathering requirements a plus
  • Experience creating and managing a development pipeline a plus

UI/UX Designer (1)

  • Details and application form: Kinetic Vision Careers - UI/UX Designer
  • 5+ years of industry experience preferred
  • Typical work involves designing and supervising the implementation of user interfaces for graphics-heavy 2D and 3D applications
  • Must have UI/UX design and implementation experience with a variety of software platforms (beyond Unreal, this role may also be called upon to design UI/UX for web, native mobile, and desktop)
  • Must be able to design UI/UX for both 2D (e.g. touchscreen, keyboard and mouse) and 3D (e.g. FPS-style keyboard and mouse, 6DOF VR) use cases
  • Leadership experience a plus
  • Client-facing communication skills a plus

Kinetic Vision is recruiting on an ongoing basis. See our full list of current open positions here: Careers at Kinetic Vision, an Industry Leader in Product and Process R&D


All candidates must apply via the job postings on our website (see links under Talent Required).