Seeking Developer/Programmer for RPG/Digital Board Game Project

I am an individual amateur designer who is looking for assistance in developing a Digital board game with RPG elements similar in design to the Dokapon Kingdom series of games. I have a tentative GDD with a basic framework of design for a small scale “demo/proof of concept” to use as a cornerstone for investment seeking/crowdfunding. I have a fully completed minimum viable product (MVP) document as well detailing all aspects of the design with notes for programming. I just need help actually putting it together. Currently I am in talks with artists to get art assets created.

To be specific regarding the project, the idea is a typical multiplayer board game with light role playing game elements such as character classes, level progression, and stat distribution in a competitive game about acquiring the most wealth in a single sitting. Most of the game will be menu based to reduce the need for numerous art assets and the entire art style will utilize 2D elements. To keep things efficient, I will defer to using player hosting for online games to avoid having to stress the programmer with something like steamworks integration or having to setup/rent private servers with associated costs. The demo will be released as a free download along with an associated crowdfunding campaign to generate interest/funding for a full scale/fully featured game.

Anyone who contributes will not only be compensated in back-pay upon successful funding but will immediately be considered for paid work on the full project. I am also willing to negotiate PAID work as well, however my funds are highly limited.

Please direct all inquiries to or you can reach me on discord.