Seeking developer for flight sim

Stimulant is seeking a developer to work on a flight simulation exhibit to be deployed as part of a major tourist attraction. All designs, assets, etc will be provided.

The initial phase of the project is the development of a polished prototype. This starts soon and will continue for around four months. A production phase would follow.

Contract terms are a fixed cost for the project to be paid in portions at regular intervals.

Residents of the SF Bay Area are strongly preferred. Must be a fluent English speaker.

You can see our work at Please send portfolios to

Hey Josh, sounds right up our alley. To be clear you are only looking for programmers on this, or also enviro tech artists to implement the assets your team has created into the engine? Either way I’ll send you off an email first thing in the morning… Cheers

The current thinking is that we need a single engineer to complement our design and asset creation teams, but we should discuss the project to see if additional resources are required.