Seeking contact and support for a lucid dreaming educational VR application

First of all, please excuse any writing mistake, I am Spanish and might commit some errors or misspellings:o. I apologize in advance for my writing. This post is intended as a first contact, I can answer any question you may want to ask;).

I seek every possible kind of useful advice, help, guidance/mentoring and support or collaboration to create an application related to lucid dreaming. At the moment I am studying in “VR-EVO School” (Málaga- Spain) a master´s degree in Virtual Reality and developing a Virtual Reality project with UnrealEngine4 provisionally called VREAM.

This VR project is aimed as a friendly introduction into lucid dreaming and its techniques, exploring the subject with an immersive and interactive VR experience. I aim to give simple/short explanations and examples for the user to try and master lucid dreaming during natural sleep in their own way. An Application Design Document to decide all the basic aspects of the app has already been redacted: How the experience could be (purpose, layout, contents, visuals, audio, interactions, etc) and a written prototype of the main environment where the VR experience will take place.

I am looking for contacts, commentary, suggestions, help, support and advice about my application from users, professionals, institutions and experts since every bit of help will be useful to create a good product. The teachers from the master’s degree already show support for this project and consider it a fresh approach to the VR Media.

Any bit of feedback and help will be greatly appreciated! Feel free to comment on this post or to write me a private message for more information and contact. More information will be shared in time as soon as possible if you are interested in the development.

Thank you for your time and consideration;).

Hey, interesting project !

You should probably ask an admin to move this post into the Got Skills? Looking for Talent? - Unreal Engine Forums section. You should also expand it with a list of what kind of help you need in detail, what you have done already and where you have questions. Your post is a bit too vague at the moment for me to know how exactly I could help you.

Cheers :slight_smile: