Seeking C++ programmer to join a team of 10 artists in a 3D Third-Person Action/Adventure Game

Hello fellow developers!

I am João, the director and manager of a team of developers.
We are a group of 11 artists, from 3d to 2d to sound and writing, and we are currently working on our first project together.
It is a 3D Third-person Action-Adventure game, with stylized and cinematic visuals, and a heavy focus on narrative.
The development is scheduled to take 2 years, and is due to start in the 1st of january 2020 because of the christmas holidays. Considering this, as of now, we only have the entire Game Design Document that encompases every aspect of the development and the game itself (from mechanics to marketing and schedules), and a few draft concepts that we made to better explore the idea.

Everything is in proper preparation, the only problem is that we only have 1 programmer, but we need at least 3. The project is somewhat ambitious, so the programming side of the game is not that simple, thus the requirement of a small team dedicated to the area.

That being said, we need 2 generalist c++ programmers. We will be working with Unreal Engine.
It is a serious project, but we are all students, and consequently, our budget is practically zero.
This means this is not a waged job. You will only be receiving money on royalties once the game is lunched, and if everything goes well, you would be part of our studio.
If you are interested in working with a team passionate about their art, that are willing to face the inevitable problems that come with a project of this scope, then you are adequate to work with us.

I will leave here a secction of the Game Design Document that refers to the mechanics and dynamics of the game.

If you are interested and want more information about the project, send an email to

Hope you find this at least intriguing .

Best regards, João.