Seeking Blueprint/Generalist for Multiple Tasks

I’m looking for assistance in completion of a game. This is a mobile game using Microsoft PlayFab for user data. This job would entail:

  • A commitment to full-time development until complete.
  • Integrating the PlayFab plugin for ranked/competitive matchmaking and server spawning. A lot of the gritty in this is handled by PlayFab.
  • Optional (lower priority): replacing a loot crate system with a blueprint drop system. I might just handle this myself depending on the time for the first task, though.

I need an *experienced *developer to work alongside me. You must be advanced in the following areas:

  • Blueprint/CPP in all aspects from good OOP and interfaces to data handling, etc.
  • Widget UI systems.
  • General API/oauth understandings.
  • PlayFab experience would be great but it’s easy to pick up if you’ve done anything similar.

Let me know if you’re interested and we could talk money based on your experience levels.