Seeking an experienced freelance Niagra / Particle / Visual Effects (VFX) Artist

Tocino Games, a small Indie startup, is seeking an experienced freelance Visual Effects (VFX) Artist to help us add / improve the effects in our isometric Action RPG. For reference, here is our first trailer showing early development:

Required Skills / Experience:

  • 3+ years of UE4 experience (Particles, Materials, Sequencer, Blueprints)
  • Niagara - We understand that it is relatively new, so some experience is preferred as is the desire to grow that experience
  • Knowledge of particles, fluids (smoke, dust, water), fracturing, destruction
  • Able to clearly communicate in English (via voice is a plus)
  • Previous experience developing video games
  • Constantly inquisitive, possess desire and means to improve methods
  • Familiarity with effects used in ActionRPGs like Diablo 3 is a bonus

Providing demos, videos, and/or portfolio sites are required in order to be considered. We are particularly interested in seeing advanced, complex effects that are used in AAA level ActionRPGs and the use of Niagara.

Contact: You can reach us via a private message here, our Contact Us page ( or Discord (

With the new announcement of UE5, we intend to integrate those technologies into our project, so this role has become even more important for us. If you do not meet all of the requirements, but have demonstrable experience with more complex VFX, we encourage you to reach out to us, as everyone on our team is learning and growing.

We are still looking for potential candidates.

We are no longer accepting candidates for this role. Thank you to everyone who has responded.