Seeking an Animator

Tempest Productions is seeking an Animator to join our team to work on Project2015. Project2015 {generic, non-descriptive name} is a near-future open world MMO style game with a complete concept, a world-scape in active production, original custom sketches for player characters and the games antagonists, and an on-line Perforce P4 server for collaboration and revisioning. The Tempest team currently consists of two professional artists, one Blueprint coder, and one producer - concept author, facilitator, and swing-man/floater(me).

The successful applicant must be well versed in Animation; including but not limited to blendspaces, animation sequencings, and animontages AND will be willing to communicate almost daily with the team, either through IM or via the project2015 website, to ensure a unified vision is maintained and that we’re making measured and sustained forward progress.

As stated in the subject this is a royalty position on our team, but I am not adverse to negotiating contract work if it is quality work that is efficient completed and reasonably priced. For more information contact me using PM through this website or by email

No interest?