Seeking Advice On Rigging A BP For Repeated Input-Based Movement

I’m sure this will be simple to answer for someone with more experience than me: I am trying to set up a simple blueprint for a 3D sidescroller practice project involving a static mesh block the player character can push around, with box collisions on either side of it that will enable input which will in turn move the block away from the player character using timelines.

I was curious about the best means of setting something like this up. My goal would be that the same keyboard input is able to trigger both events, but which timeline occurs being context sensitive to which of the two box collisions is currently being overlapped by the player character. I was thinking about rigging up a Boolean node off my Keyboard Event executable to check if the box collision being crossed was a specific one of the two and triggering the timeline based on that, but didn’t know if this would work and if so how best to rig that, and if not or if something else would work better anyway, what that approach would look like.

Figuring this out would naturally be a big help for my BP creation in the future with variations on the same basic concept, so any useful feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.