Seeking advice on making floating islands.

I’ve been working on my first map for a little while now and thought adding a few hovering landmasses would be a cool addition. Browsing the forums has been a great help with many of the issues I’ve run into so far, but couldn’t find much discussion on this particular topic. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

The floating island is a single mesh rock inside the sublevel file ‘PandoraIsle’ in the folder ‘Game/Maps/TheIslandSubMaps’ map. If you know how to make sublevels by enabling ‘world composition’ in the world settings of your map, then you can make a floating island the same way. That’s about all I know.

I made mine the old fashined way

  1. Create a structure in the air by using the Cliff, Canyon, or Rock meshes.
  2. Add a Landscape to the top of it
  3. Close off the top / landscape area with rocks so you can’t see the seam and the layer of the landscape from afar.
  4. Maks landscape ground on collision
    Should work…its how I made this, and it even has a lower level area with a bunch of nasties and booty.

Thank you both for the help :slight_smile: I thought there might be a way to use a landscape, but wasn’t sure of how best to make it look good. I’ll have to check out the mesh in the pandora isles map too and maybe merge the two methods.