Seeking advice for automation for phasing video

Hello everyone, please help me.

I am on a complicated professional project in the field of smart building.

I have to get, at the end, a phasing video of the construction of a set of buildings.

As basic elements, I have a model on Autodesk Revit, each element has a parameter indicating its phase of buiding in the metadata.

I export from Revit with the export plugin in Datasmith format to UE4.

I have about 300 phases between the elements to demolish and those to build, it’s huge!

So I want to automate certain things:

Merge the elements for each phase to create only one mesh per material per phase.

Place each item in the sequencer

Activate the visibility keys at the right time according to the phase or another parameter that I indicate in metadata.

Obviously the Revit file is still evolving and I will have a week’s delay to export the final video.

Do you have any ideas to automate these tasks (dataprep, export blueprint to sequencer, position of keys…) ?

It is not a video game project but it strongly resembles it.

I’m under pressure.Thanks to help me.

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I would like to do the same thing.

Did you found a solution to do it?