Seeking a veteran C++ developer interesting in building the future of interactive content on the web

Hey UE community, our startup is developing a decentralized, browser-based platform for hosting Unreal Engine 4 projects online. We’ve created a new build pipeline and SDK that allows developers to optimize and build for HTML5. No 30% fee from walled gardens, and a single codebase that will “just work” everywhere.

We’re seeking an experienced full stack engineer with at least 10 years of C++ experience. Familiarity with the Emscripten compiler/WebAssembly, AWS and server-side experience are all must haves as well. Bonus points if you have a background and specialize in low level optimizations and graphics rendering.

If you’re interested, DM me or reply to this post and we can chat further about this exciting opportunity to disrupt Steam and the App Store walled gardens, enabling developers everywhere to distribute their creations directly to their users via the browser.