Seeking a Project Advisor

Tempest Productions is seeking a UE Advisor to answer questions from time to time about various aspects of the UE development, the engines capabilities and offer insights and direction as it regards development process. In exchange for becoming a resource to our project a small percentage of the eventual royalty of our game will generate will be extended. A larger percentage of royalty may be obtained by direct how-to assistance when needed. A developers share can be obtained for any work (programming, art, BP, etc.) actually done by the Advisor toward the completion of the project.


1 Advisor must be willing to agree to and sign an agreement. This agreement will define terms and conditions and cement royalty.
2. Advisor must be available to communicate regularly with our team (email, IM (FB mainly, AOL, etc.), and/or occasional voice meetings (TeamSpeak)).

I am a sci-fi author and this concept is a outline from a book I’ve been tinkering with. Since this project started, because of its royalty nature, we’ve seen our share of people come and go. I/we need direction in a variety of areas. Sometimes we know what we want but do not understand the proper terminology to search for it. At other times we do not realize the full extent of UE’s ability to meet our concept and ideas. In this way a veteran UE developer acting as advisor would be most helpful.

If interested contact me via email and I’ll answer any questions

Thanks in advance

Perhaps I worded this incorrectly - we/I am just looking for someone who is experienced in the use of UE development to ask questions of from time to time. In exchange for continued availability we’I am willing to extend a small percentage of royalty when the game sells.