Seeking a Material Tutor! ^_^

Hello everyone!

I am the humble dev of PROJECT: Unreal Fighter 2D and I humbly need some lecturing when it comes to Material Creation!

Let me open up the subject.

**So, what is the job exactly?
If there is something I truly fail working on, it is the Materials. Particles too but that’s another story. You see, all those nods and mathematical stuff just looks so confusing and I feel like I am wasting tons of time trying to make even something so simple work. So I need help. And I need some personal help without the need of waiting for an Answerhub Response or a Forum Topic. Those places are great, and I already got tons of people who helped me for free, though things started to get serious and I want to take the Material part equally so.

Long story short, I will need someone who knows his ways with material and the nodes to achieve what he desires. I would like to ask him how to do such a thing and “why is X there and why not Y?”.

Now, I know that every single person in Answerhub or in Forums are helping for free. Though what I require is someone that can spend his precious time for me and I want to pay in return. Because I know time is a valuable thing, and it should have a cost. At the moment, time is costing me more time because I am trying to blindshot what I want to achieve when it comes to materials. I want to end this… endless loop.

How will be the sessions? Do I need a microphone etc?

No microphone etc is needed. I use Skype so I would prefer you to do the same. Please note that my first many questions will be VERY VERY VERY basic and probably laughably easy that it will make you smile everything you see such a silly problem I have.

There does not need to be a session at all. As I said, my questions might be so easy that we may not have to sit together for hours.

Here are your options;

1- Easy way, create the solution that I need for me, and I will learn it myself. This is more like “I pay you to create material for me”. Though it will have a twist of me might asking you to explain why X and Y are too close to each other.
2- Hard way, we create the material together, you explaining deeply on why X and Y are being put and I learn it along the way.

There might be more and even better ways, I am pretty open minded about it.

What about payment?

To be honest I do not know how much I should pay you for the most simplistic things I will be asking for a while. A small node configuration might be 25 dollars. For example a little bit of a panning texture with small twists here and there? This part is generally up to you. You are the master so you can decide how much your knowledge and time costs. :slight_smile:

Payment should be done by Paypal though, that is what I highly prefer. Other options can be checked too if it’s a must.

**What do I need personally?
Experience is what I mostly need. Though I also need you to be talkative AND friendly. I won’t just answer to a “I can teach you ok” thing, I am sorry. I would like you to be cheerful as much as you can. I like friendly atmosphere so!

You say your questions will be very simple, why need a tons of experience?

The thing is, what I might need to create right now can use 10 nodes max. Though it might become 200 later on. Time will tell and I rather keep things with one person and not jump around with many if that’s alright!

How will be the timing?

TOTALLY Freelance. You can take this whole offer as something you do because you have time and want to help while gaining money. I do not need stricted timelines and I will respect if you are busy or not in particular moments. Everyone has their own life after all. I will just be that guy you know, who got many questions, yet willingly to pay for the answers.

Ways to Contact:

This forum, email address , skype “achilleon.” (dot included). All of them works. :slight_smile:

If there is something I missed, I apologise! Thank you for your time and reading!

Hello Achilleon, I have sent you contact request on Skype.

Mr envenger, I accepted your request.