Seeking 2D Fighting Engine Master Programmer for iconic 1990's fighting game.


I have a team of 6 who’ve spent the last few years working on a beloved 2D fighting game from the 1990s known for its graphic violence and digitized actors. The I.P. holders have granted me permission to seek programmers to launch this game on (Xbox One, PS4 and PC). The game will definitely need network play with a basic lobby system.

Here is where you come in. After signing an NDA to signify that you are prepared to join our team, we can offer deferred payment, profit sharing or a salary once the budget has been approved.

My team has put together all of the artwork, sfx and music necessary to launch this game but we need your programming to call it complete. We’ll likely require you to do a trail (unpaid) which demonstrates your skills by using our assets.

If you are interested please contact me at :

I’ll begin a customized NDA for you if you’ll please provide me:

First Name,
Last Name,
Street Address,
Corporation name (if you have one),
Corp Type (exampe: s-corp, llc, etc.)


Joe Tresca