Seek Ideas / Recommendations to make Humanoid Mocap Animations more Mechanical/Robotic

The goal is to take Humanoid Mocaps acquired from Marketplace and make them more Mechanical /Robotic looking.

The current idea:

  1. Split simultaneous pitch, yaw, roll rotations into separate curve data from animation start/stop…
  2. Manually apply each axis rotation one at a time in a sequence from start/stop.

I really dont want to recreate the animation this way or impact performance the animation system provides. Open to any suggestions thanks in advance.

… even with arduino coding - when you do things right - you can achieve non single function final operation… (read as, you don’t have to wait for a leg to move all the way before moving something else, you just move everything by very little every code execution, with a final result that’s fluid).

Meaning that there’s no reason a robot should move on separate rotations axis unless you require it artistically.

What you can do, is to cut frames out like there’s no tomorrow. You’ll go from an organic movement to robot like in no time, simply because humans do not move linearly.

On top of it, you can surely add whatever flare of separate rotations.

I appreciate the recommendation. I’m going to be seeking a blueprint function or devising my own to procedural skip frames. When I get something working, Ill post a video.