Seek Collaboration Partnerships for Unreal Marketplace

Greetings Fellow Marketplace Publishers. We would like to see more collaborations between publishers in the Unreal Marketplace. So, we’re opening our Discord Channels for Collaboration Discussions. We specialize in Modular 3D Multiplayer-ready Subsystems and we’re seeking Collaborations To develop Subsystems, in-game Tools, and Content that are compatible with one another, High Performant, and High Quality.

Example of Collaborations could entail…

  • Conversion of Single Player asset to Multiplayer.
  • Compatibility Bridges between Subsystems.
  • Modular Accessories for Existing Characters, Weapons, Vehicles.
  • Consolidation of Subsystems into Game Templates.
  • Splitting Game Templates into individual Subsystems.
  • Actor to Component Migration for improved Modularity.
  • Documentation Writing.
  • Blueprints Cleanup/Renaming.
  • Marketing/Advertisement Videos.
  • Reselling/Rebranding Licensing.

To incentivize partnerships, we’re splitting the profit 30/70: Partners get 70% of the Profit. gets 30%. Payouts will coincide with Epics payout. Partners will work with our Experienced Developers to expedite development, testing, documentation, video tutorials, and publishing of assets to Unreal Marketplace. Please Post Link to your Unreal Engine Publisher Page as Portfolio. Thank you for your time.

Visit in the Unreal Marketplace.