Seek Blueprints Programmer to assist R&D Motion Match + IK Rig Semi-Procedural Animation

Seek Blueprints Programmer to assist me in the development of BP-based IK Rig Procedural Animation System. Inspired by videos below:

I’ve always felt I could achieve a form of semi-procedural Animation either through using real-time MoCap, VR Motion Controllers, or brute force code using Curves, IK, and Physics. I was planning to experiment with a Proc IK Animation using a sort of a Marionette Controller approach.

However, after watching the videos below, I believe one could pull off a similar IK Rig Procedural Animation System with UE4’s existing Animation and Physics systems. At the end of the day we may end up with Hybrid system that uses several techniques described below.

If you’re a Blueprints Programmer and this sparks your interest, Lets chat. Thanks for reading.


A Working Knowledge of UE4 Blueprints Networking, Persona/Sequencer Animation System, Physics Systems.

Procedural IK Rig

Slides on GDC

Motion Matching


Semi-Procedural Techniques

UE4 References…ation/IKSetups…trols/SplineIK…icsAssetEditor…uchControllers


Corrected. Thank you.

Hi TechLord,
I just started studying Procedural Animation few days ago and saw Amazing results videos.
I just checked the UE4 forum and found only this page speaking about it.
The last video in particular at this minute Animation Bootcamp: An Indie Approach to Procedural Animation - YouTube start speking clearly how to create such a prototype.
Did you make some progress?
I saw also Makan Gilani videos on twitter and they are AMAZING on how naturally the player and enemy move using just physics,AI and interpolation rules

I’ve discovered it has already been created for Unity, not UE4.

No plans for the author to create it in Unreal so will go by myself starting creating something similar in UE4 Blueprints.

Hi there @VerumBit,

I have yet to start. Sort of Lost focus on this subject over years, preoccupied with other features for our game. I my schedule is full, but this form of Animation is area of interest to me. When do you plan to start development?

Hi, I’ll start in mid October. I opened a discussion in work in progress called Procedural Animation.

this could interest you :slight_smile: