Seeing translucent meshes through other meshes when using custom depth

I’m struggling implementing a ghost material that would show self occlusion but not cull objects behind it - a ghost material, essentially.

The resources I’ve found so far all point to Tom Looman’s post on using Custom Depth ( ) However, while inner triangles are successfully hidden, objects behind an object are also getting culled.

The article on Gamasutra ( Errors detected in the Visual C++ 2012 libraries) where the original image I’ve attached originates from mentions implementing a just-in-time per entire mesh depth prepass. While I think I understand how that could be used to make the effect in theory, having just started to mess with the source when attempting to get some cel shading in place, I’m afraid I don’t know how to correctly implement this in practice at the moment only based on this description.
I’ve found some questions referring to this article as well, but given that they all are from around 2015/16, I was wondering if there’s any new approach in place now that it is 2019, or if anyone could give me some pointers to further study of how this could be implemented.
It would seem to me this would be quite a common issue to solve and I’m wondering if I just can’t find the resources to solve it.
Any pointers to resources or implementation would be greatly appreciated.