Seeing code of blueprint

Hi guys,

When you do a blueprint setup, build one up, is there a way to see the “pure code” of what you are
“visually programming?”
In some programs like Nuke you can copy all the nodes in the node graph and paste them as Python code in
an email.
Just wondering if you can do this in U4.

Thank you.

Hi Etienne,

You can do that, sort of… If you select a bunch of nodes and copy them (CTRL+C) you can actually paste into any basic text editor, and you’ll get a text version of those nodes. It doesn’t qualify as “pure code” by a longshot though, because there’s tons of metadata related to the graphical layout etcetera, so it’s not exactly reader-friendly.

But in principle, yes… and the resulting text can be pasted back into a Blueprint editor anywhere on any machine, although there’s no guarantee it’ll work because there are no dependency checks in place.

O.k. great thank you. So we cant really get into the source code for Unreal then right?
We cant go nuts and start modifying nodes / UI, etc. :slight_smile:

Found the answer here:

Unreal’s source code can be accessed through GitHub, and if you’re look to just send blueprints, check out One of the community members is developing this.

O.k. thanks.

There isn’t a human-readable source for Blueprints, because they are not compiled to human readable source. The execution flow in Blueprints can do things that wouldn’t make sense in a C-like scripting language without heavily relying on GOTOs, for example. Also, compiling Blueprints has the advantage of not requiring the kind of lexical parsing a written language would require since the nodes themselves are the code instructions, like a visual form of assembler.

O.k. thanks that is a good explanation. I am not really a code person myself but its always very interesting to me how these things work. :slight_smile:

Blueprints are compiled into Bytecode whereas C++ is compiled into Binary.

The nodes themselves however are programmed in C++, so you can definitely look at the source code for them. You just need to know C++ to understand it.

O.k. great thanks.