Seeing c++ classes in a blueprint project

Hi everyone, my problem is pretty simple I expect.

Essentially I’ve started with a blueprint project, have a lot of functionality written in blueprint, and now am trying to write more of the functionality as c++.

It was very easy to just hit ‘New C++ Class’, which fired up visual studio etc. etc. but the problem now is I can’t find those created classes anywhere in the content browser.

In a c++ project the browser looks like this: Screenshot - 7a28eea72114d350b0db46815e7434b3 - Gyazo
so you’ve got obvious access to your source files, but because my project was originally created as a blueprint project the content browser only has the content folder: Screenshot - 880f431bba4c8d502a5ec530d1548ff8 - Gyazo
And I can’t find a way to actually view my source files. They’re also not showing up in the ‘class viewer’ which is odd.

What am I missing here?