Seeds of Eternity - IED Students Project - UE3

Hello everyone!

This is the project we made with Unreal Engine 3 during the last 6 months at IED Milan, in 2013. It’s called Seeds of Eternity!
The team and their main roles:
Alessandro Albergoni - Environment Artist and Shading
Manuel Capitani - Character Artist, Particles and Interface
Daniele Cattaneo - Rigging, Animation Blendtrees, NVIDIA Apex and programming
Stefano Grazioli - Environment Artist and Lighter
Andrea Ricagno - Animator and Environment artist

The Unreal forums helped me and my team a lot with some techincal issues we had during the develpoment, so thank you very much and i hope you enjoy the video:

Some Screenshots:

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I’m really amazed by the quality of student projects. This is also not an exception. Really, really nice. I think as a team, you can make impressive independent games. I’m curious how awesome thing you can build on UE4.

Thank you, your words are really appreciated.
We’re currently working on a little project with UE4 and we hope to build something amazing with it!