See player silhouette when hidden

Hello again, I was trying find information about how to make visible a player silhouette (or simple a totally painted it) when it is hidden to the camera partially or totally.

Here what I want to try to do:

Ofc Il continue trying find a solution and post if find one.

Thanks again for your time.

You can achieve that through PostProcessing and setting “RenderCustomDepth” on the player mesh.

See as a wonderful tutorial for that.


Thanks so much! Ill practice :slight_smile:

I managed to do it with that!

I managed to do this following that tutorial, but I have a problem now, if someone can help:

Now the outlines are always there, so the final result of my character isn’t exactly what I wanted (I mean, when he is not behind a wall).


If you see it, the outlines are pretty big and collapse near all player model (so I need delete the outlines), but I must admit that I can’t understand so much how materials are work so I can’t find it in the code.

Look further on Tom’s site and ya shall be helped:

He already solved your problem with the highlighting that should only be visible when being occluded.