See list of voted bugs on bugtracker

I want to know the status of the bugs I care about (voted) in the bug tracker. But I don’t know which ones, and after reading a list of 200 fixes or 50 new fixes in this release, I can’t really find the ones I voted for and It’s just a little frustrating.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi darkgaze.

If you are logged into your Epic Games account while on the webpage, you can click on your profile name in the upper right and click on the link for “My Votes”. This will take you to a listing of all the issues you voted on, and you can check on their status.


Thats interesting, though at firefox and opera it just shows a blank page for me. It does have multiple pages, so I guess my votes are found but fail to display.

Doesn’t work for me either… I’m using Chrome.

Hmm. You are correct, it’s not working at the moment. I’m not sure when that broke, but we’ll look into it.


Please add more options to search better in the bug tracker! I created another thread for this. Thanks!

Votes still not working… :-/