See all forum "ranks"?

I was the rank of Luminary on these forums for quite some time, and I always wondered what came after Luminary. I tried looking at the rank of those with more posts than me, but everyone with more posts is a moderator lol. Now I am ranked as Legend, and have to sit here and wonder what the next rank is. Is there anywhere that I can see all of the ranks, and the needed post count?

Rama was always the highest I’ve seen other than you, at Luminary. Cool to see what comes after. I’m curious as well to know what the next titles are, if they extend beyond your current one.

I heard, ranks are resetted at 3.000 and then they start again from start.
I also heard, that this was the first time, epic used/invented their glory “loop” stuff and reused it for bp-nodes.
hope grandma is right…

What do you mean?

I guess hes trolling you. His post makes no sense…
That or I know less of this stuff than I thought I did.

As far as I’m aware “Legend” is the final rank currently. Sooo… Beyond only mod and epic stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Shame, there goes my motivation, haha.

I can recommend you to work on your badges… You still have zero. This is what I call shame :PP

Here we go: In the thread you can see all ranks :slight_smile:

Would be cool to know which rank I have (when I reach 9000 posts I want: “It’s over 9000!!!”):stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome. That would be awesome.

True, true… But to be fair, I’ve only been here since March :smiley:

Between this

and this

Its all gotten a little serious. For fans of the Simpsons, where’s the underachiever and proud rank, or for fans of Office Space: 37 pieces of flair badge… :stuck_out_tongue:

According to the list after legend you become Chance. :wink: