SEditableTextBox in MenuItem

I’m trying to expand the ShooterGame’s ShooterEntry to allow players to set the name of their server.

My naive attempts are as follows:


void FShooterMainMenu::Construct(APlayerController* _PCOwner, AShooterGame_Menu* _SGOwner)


	// HOST menu option
	MenuItem = MenuHelper::AddMenuItem(RootMenuItem, LOCTEXT("CreateServer", "Create Server"));

	// submenu under "host"
	MenuHelper::AddMenuItemSP(MenuItem, LOCTEXT("ServerName", "Server Name"), this, &FShooterMainMenu::OnUISetServerName);
	TSharedPtr<SEditableTextBox> HostNameEditTextItem;
	MenuHelper::AddCustomMenuItem(MenuItem, SAssignNew(HostNameEditTextItem, SEditableTextBox));



This compiles but crashes on ‘check( IsValid() );’ inside SharedPointer.h when I highlight the ‘Create Server’ option of the menu

	 * Converts a shared pointer to a shared reference.  The pointer *must* be valid or an assertion will trigger.
	 * @return  Reference to the object
	// NOTE: The following is an Unreal extension to standard shared_ptr behavior
	FORCEINLINE TSharedRef< ObjectType, Mode > ToSharedRef() const
 		// If this assert goes off, it means a shared reference was created from a shared pointer that was NULL.
 		// Shared references are never allowed to be null.  Consider using TSharedPtr instead.
		check( IsValid() );
		return TSharedRef< ObjectType, Mode >( *this );

Still haven’t built up a great mental model of slate so I’m going to keep at it and hopefully figure this out but was hoping someone might give me some pointers.