Security Room

Hello Unreal Developers,

I am actually new unreal dev and this is my “first serious attempt” to produce PC game at first.

After few months hard working I decide to publish my game called “Security room” like pre-alpha.

**-------About the game------- **

The game concept is simple in core: You are Security man who need to secure storages from thieves. But game by original script it should need a lot of works in order to be completed.
Thieves are classed I started with only 2 class. Each class had own intelligence and style of robbery.Now they are just basic one (A class) and a little bit advanced (B class) which first going to
break the lights before attack the storage.There are more. (C class) means thieves who work in group. As well there are so many features which player have.Security cameras,alarms,lasers.shock traps,teaser gun,player bots learned to catch the thieves etc etc…


I need a team in order to go beyond… First of all I need Good Artist, is there any interested?
I need your feedbacks about this game project:)
I need your advice - what I should do next in order to go betond the prototype

Looking forward to hear from you Guys,Thanks in advance :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Thank you VERY MUCH for feedback.Especially for clip how they escape I will do that in 0.2.0