Security Camera rotation issue

Hi guys, im currently trying to get the security camera from the examples working in my own game, so far ive gotten the models and blueprint implemented but when i play the game the camera rotates 180 degrees and then proceeds to play its animation, but obviously its facing the wrong way.

Any help would be appreciated.

Here’s my blueprint so far.

Hi LukePGM,

What are the values you are using for CameraPitch and CameraMaxYaw? Also, what does your Timeline graph look like?

Hi LukePGM,

So here is the setup that works for me.

  • If you have the Timeline set to AutoPlay you don’t need the EventBeginPlay.

  • My value for CameraMaxYaw is 60.

  • The Pitch is 0 because I am setting the actual pitch in the components section.

  • My IntepSpeed is 0 because I am driving everything from the Timeline.

  • Here is my Timeline setup.

Hi TJ, I’ve tweaked my set up now so it is essentially identical to yours but it still has the camera rotate 180 degrees and then begin doing it proper animation. I’ll give you the blueprints to check if you don’t mind.

Thanks a lot.

I’ve fixed it now, i found that i actually did have the meshes facing the wrong direction compared to the scene root component in the blueprint. all fixed now. cheers.