Secure Event Begin Play on remote client side suggestion. (replication)

Hello Unreal Staff,

I have a feature suggestion function for Networking blueprint functions.

It’s necessary to add some kind of event like “Event Begin Play” on Remote side to be triggered after all things are synchronized (host-clients) at UE4 framework engine level. For example, If I need to spawn the Pause Menu on client side, with Player controller as parent, now I need to check via “Event Tick” for the flag “Is locally Controlled”, “Switch Has Authority” and “Is Server”(for secure reasons), Instead use directly “Event Begin Play”, to determine if secure to call functions only on remote client side.

Another detail is, I can’t use on case to call something only on remote client “Switch Has Authority” on “Event Begin Play” flow, because it is called on both sides with “Is local controlled” With incorrect initialization at this point of time.

Please let me know what do you think about this. :slight_smile:


Hi ganoncl,

I have entered your suggestion into JIRA as a feature request. For your reference, it is UE-16064. I will update here when I have more information on its status.