Sections and Quads

About Quads and Sections i have watched Landscape tutorials many times and all they say to use is 63 x 63 Quads, 8 x 8 sections okay, i have played Farcry 5 and Horizon zero dawn many times and enjoyed those kinds of games because of the beauty of the graphics and the shear size of Landscapes Horizon zero dawn 12 km across, that don’t look like 8 x 8 sections 63 x 63 Quads per sections, looks way much biger than that, its more like 50 x 50 sections 63 x 63 Quads per section that would make Horizon zero dawn 315 x 315 Quads over 50 x 50 section, so if thats what horizon zero dawn i could go 500 x 500 sections 3150 x 3150, look how massive Rock Star made GTA 5 the shear size of the oceans around Los Santos, is it because UE4 Landscape tutorials for beginners they limit the gride size, i own a game called Farcry 4, there is a map editor with a 50 x 50 grid 2 x 2 km i did landscaping on there its similar to UE4 a bit Farcry 4 map editor has grid tree building pagan min golden path, but it doesn’t have bluprint, also asset memory limit per grid i can create mountain lakes rivers explosive props large gas 20,000 Ltr bottles, i made massive gas bombs clumping about 100 x 20,000 Ltr gas bottles together and craft a deep lake sit the gas bottles bombs on the bottom of the lake i made, fill lake up with water build a outpost at the other end of the lake and then set the bomb off on bottom off the lake to see if i could produce a Tsunami all i got was just a ripple from the explosion.