Secret Dimension

Hello! I am building a game called Secret Dimension, it talks about an experiment to travel through the different universe, where the player will have to travel in an unknown world, that has collided with different universes, past, present and future. The game will be probably a third person shooter, I plan to add multiple weapons, like swords, knives, rifle, and so on, this game is gonna be horror based. Right now this game is being developed by 1 person, which is me, I have no experience with Unreal Engine 4 but yet I still wanted to create something! I am learning watching video tutorials and I am planning to release a demo for it in at least 2 weeks! It will have a single player and maybe multiplayer too… Also it’s gonna be free to play!

i think this concept would work best as a puzzle game, you move something in this dimension to open something else at another dimension

alot of things can be done with this concept

try to keep things simple for now, since its the first game try not to go for epicness and first go for gameplay THEN decoration

i hope you can make this game as fun as it is in my imagination right now :smiley:

When you said this work best as a puzzle game, I couldn’t disagree, I think would work nicely as a puzzle game, perhaps I wanted to make a sci-fi horror style game with dark fantasy in it, as you said with this concept a lot of things can be done, but ye I am making it simple for now, gameplay got few bugs but work smoothly enough! I will release a small trailer soon enough, also I was planning add puzzle in the game like resident evil, where you need to find a key or something like that, in fact, one of the map for the main storyline will be a dungeon, very creepy!
Also I would like add more than 1 gamemode just for fun, I am a fast learner xD