Second UV set on skinned character on Android?

We have a football player with 2 UV sets. Set 0 is used for the shirt material, whereas the second is used to overlay a number on his jersey. This lets us save a lot on texture memory, since we don’t need a separate shirt texture for each player.

On desktop systems this works fine. When we publish to Android it acts as if the second UV set doesn’t exist. There are not any errors during shader compilation or while running, but the number simply does not show up. If I force the number texture sampler to use UV set 0, the number does show up, but of course is not positioned correctly. This tells me it is not the rest of the shader, but must be due to the second UV set not coming through correctly.

Do any of you know if multiple UV sets are supported for skinned characters on Android?

anyone know about this?

bumping up one more time…