Second Player -gamepad- "mouse"

Hi forum i got a problem i cant figure out how to solve it and i would like some help!

so first i will describe what i am trying to do because maybe the way i go about it is wrong

i am trying to create a crosshair for a second local player that i need a hit result under it some examples of a game like that would be virtual cop , house of the dead or even blood bros wild guns and others

so what i did is created a widget with a canvas and a border that has a transparent image as crosshair and through controller i am moving it by picture 1

so far so good i think but its working

then i tried to ray trace from its screen position towards the world + some math to get the middle of it i am no math expert but i think widget size x/2 y/2 as shown in picture 2

anyway its not working its shooting around the widget based on its location

so my question is
can i make it work this way and “would you kindly” show me how :stuck_out_tongue: ? or should i take a different approach and “would you kindly” show me the way ?

thank you :slight_smile:

So sometime has passed i have done a bunch of different approaches nothing works i was thinking that the camera frustum was the issue because i checked games like house of the dead , time crisis razing storm virtual cop and other and notice that the FOV is very low but it was no solution there was no difference
i understand that i am trying to pass a 2d mechanic to a 3d world game though since it works with hit under cursor somehow it should work with a “custom” cursor
I see that many people viewed the post but i got no reply i shared it to a bunch of people and i understand that my question is not explaining it self so i will rephrase the question if someone can help me it would be really appreciated

i am making a game that has the mechanic of the games i mention like “on screen shooting” with the mouse
the problem i am facing is in local co op mode
i can get hit under cursor for player controller 0 but for player 1 the code and the way i am doing it has a bit of an offset different to every position of the screen

if i am not making my self clear please i will not get offended or anything tell me so
if what i am trying to do is not possible also please i would like to know it
i have tried a lot of settings and i have tried to make it a 3d widget and fake it
even test with meshes to visualize the path for example a straight line from the 3d widget would not work since the camera perspective is 90 FOV

so to sum up
a game with a steady camera shared by 2 players of 90 FOV (this might change a bit)
and i need a second emulated cursor for the second local player
my way does not work my mind hasn’t produced a solution yet

Thx for your attention :slight_smile: