Second Editor Crashes

I failed to find an answer or a similar topic but in short when I open a second editor (UE4.20.1) the first one crashes.
Basically, when I have a project open and I open another project in a second editor the first project crashes. Unless I keep manipulating in the first project until the second loads before switching window to the second project. Even tho, sometimes even that doesn’t work. At any random point when of the project crashes.

Any ideas?

Your computer probably can’t run two instances of the editor at the same time.

I have a monster PC mate. I used to run 2 editors without problems in previous versions (I still can). Only this version crashes.

Have you been submitting your crash reports? I looked up your records and only see crashes from Oct 26, I’m not certain if those are the same as this issue. The details of the crash reports may provide some insight.

Yeap, Those are my reports. Not sure which report was to what crash but I do submit crash report every time it crashes. I gave up trying to open more than one editor for at least a week now.

Then this is interesting, and not what I expected to see. I expected these crashes to be related to GPU timeout, but it’s actually a UMG issue. Unfortunately the crash report on our end is missing symbols for some reason, so I can’t see the full details for the callstack.

UE4Editor-UINavigation 0x00000000bf540000 + 164a9
UE4Editor-UINavigation 0x00000000bf540000 + 10eae
UE4Editor-UMG 0x00000000d84f0000 + 163d42
UE4Editor-SlateCore 0x00000000fb410000 + 11de9d
UE4Editor-Slate 0x00000000f5980000 + 2bf8ad
UE4Editor-SlateCore 0x00000000fb410000 + 11e063

If you have around 20GB of free space on your computer, you can add the “Editor Symbols for Debugging” to your engine installation (choose “Options” on the engine slot on the Launcher), and then you will see the full callstacks for your crashes.

I recommend you pull together whatever information you can gather around this, including reproduction steps, and submit a bug report. Report a Bug - Unreal Engine


Actually that make sense. I have few warnings and errors asking for a font that UInavigation uses while I was packaging. Not sure if this plugin is the reason for the crash tho. I have added the Debugging in the options and will report any crash happens in the future. Thank you for your help

Ah, it slipped my notice that UI Navigation is a Marketplace plugin. In this case the crash does seem to be occurring there, so it may be best to report the issue to the creator.