Second ArchViz Test using Unreal

The first one can be found here:

These are looking really great, nice job!

Awesome work there. the First video (which is the second on line) looks very nice and the glass looks Epic!

Transparent/translucent material is the biggest disadvantage of Unreal in terms of archiviz. It’s really hard to archieve good looking materials like glass or water. Hope Epic Game will address the problem soon.

Both your videos look really great! How long did it take for these to make? And how much prior experience did you have with these kind of projects, if I may ask?

Very nice, I really like the desertic scenery of video #2, is it all made of actual 3d vegetation? Good texturing too. Good job.

Looking great!

I’m an architect and I do 3D images from time to time. Each of these two pieces took me about a week to make.

Very sharp and precise work! One of the best UE4 archviz I’ve seen until now.

:cool: Thanks a lot.

amazing work man … can you please share some of your settings with us ?

Very nice! For the outdoor, all static lights also?

It’s stationary directional light for the entire scene with a sphere map for the outdoor.