Second archviz project - apartment realtime

This is my second attempt on creating an apartment interior in Unreal Engine and having some interations.
The living was created in 3DS Max in one day and the setup in UE took about 3 days from start to finish.
I captured the project running in realtime with fraps.
Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:

Love the interactivity.

Looking great, nice work!

Nice work dude…
Can i ask you how you made tv’s blueprints and materials? when i package my Project mediaplayer does not work… can you Show me some screnshot about the tv’s blueprints
And sorry for my bad english and thnx…

The material of the TV is really simple actually, first you must import a media file that work with unreal, I’m using “.mp4”. Check if you can hit play and the video play once you import on UE4. If the mediais working, create a material from that, I used the texture in diffuse and emitter, really easy setup. For the package to work properly, the .mp4 file must be inside the content folder of your project inside a folder called “movie”, if it’s not, when you create the package other computers will not show the media file. I also create a simple command in the level blueprint for the media to start playing as soon as the game starts, I can’t post a screenshot now, but if you can’t get it to work contact me and I’ll help with some screenshots later :slight_smile: