Sebastian Weilhammer – Programmer (C++/Blueprint)

Hey! I am available for hire!

I am mainly a programmer but don’t hesitate to contact me about anything related to Game Development and UE4. My knowledge is pretty wide spread and encompasses many aspects of game development ranging from testing to project management.

I am available for contracted programming work and/or consultation for advise, help with you’re project etc.


I have experience with numerous languages and game development tool kits: UE4, RO2 SDK (similar to UDK), UDK, Construct 2, Godot and Blender.

Programming experience:

  • 6 years programming in C/C++
  • 8 years programming in Python

I have a few years of university and school courses all of which have provided me with a good understanding of computer science.


  • 4 years UE4
  • 2 years UDK and RO2 SDK

Examples of fields of work I can help with:

  • UE4 C++ Programming
  • Blueprint Scripting
  • Animation Blueprints
  • Networking
  • UI
  • AI
  • Gameplay systems design
  • Tools
  • Code and asset management/Source control (Git/SVN/Redmine/Trello etc)

Previous Work:
Reworked GGJ 2015 Game -
Mod for RO2 that became part of the main game -
I have other work experience and examples of work to show, do not hesitate contacting me if you wish to see more.

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Skype: Please ask me by email or PM

Additional Information:

I speak English and French. I am from Switzerland but currently live in Belgium. I am 30 years old.

Comments welcome!

Thought I would start adding some snippets of things I have worked on:

I worked on this last summer it is an implementation in UE4 of the hand mechanics used in this game: Trespasser -

Of course this is just prototype work so it’s glitchy :slight_smile:

Im not hiring you…maybe later but way not now XD
But can you create AI frameworks? Complex AI system with states and behaviors like skyrim or Oblivion has?
AI interaction?

Late has some form of AI, there is no underlying dynamic state and behavior system because it’s a very scripted game but there is a pretty good dialog system.
Dialogue’s can be easily modified in an XML file that is itself arranged like a movie script would be, which makes it easy to modify dialogue. The XML has a system where you can define which dialogues etc will occur depending on what items the player has in his inventory.
I’m pretty well versed in state machines and would feel confident building complex AI interaction similar to Elder Scrolls games. I might just make an example project to showcase here. That could be a good idea.

Sent you a PM

Hey everyone! I would just like to say that i hired ShirtyKezRat for my Unreal 4 Coding Job and iv’e been really happy with all the job’s iv’e given given him with the past few months! I highly recommend him as he is really fast what he does, honest with the times that the job takes, responses fairly good and often when you ask something and also pretty good prices :slight_smile:

Currently available for work! If you need a programmer do not hesitate to contact me by PM or email!

Bump! Updated information about myself, will soon add more. I’m also currently available for work.

Bump! Available for work!

Not available anymore.

@ShirtyKezRat Hi Sebastian, i would like to discuss possible contract work - please email me at