Seattle Unreal Engine Meetup - VR Edition - WED MAY 11TH!


Special VR Edition!

WED May 11TH!

I know what you’re thinking… Finally VR at our Unreal 4 Meetup! Yes we’re very happy about that and two very special people from our Seattle UE4 community have been able to make that happen. I’ll keep their names private but without them this wouldn’t be possible right now. Thanks for being part of what makes our community awesome! Now let us blow your minds with our new VR demo!


• 5 - 6PM - Setup + Meet and greet. We’ll pass out name tags and have a few playable games on PC, Mac’s and iPads made by us members, to play all night!

• 6 - 7PM - VR Demo - Check out for pics… You may or may not know about the Seattle VR Hackathon. Team F.M.J. Games won best graphics out of about 50 teams for our TRON VR game!

• 7 - 9PM - More Q & A, one on one demos, and helping out with other members projects that are brought in. If you have an issue in UE4 we’ll try to figure it out.

• SMASH BROS on WiiU! We don’t just talk about games, we play them!

• Bring in PC’s with your games, concept art, music, VR demos, whatever you’re doing with Unreal Engine we’d love to see it! Even if you have a game not built in UE4 and it’s Unity you can bring it in!

• Students are always welcome to bring projects to work on or just show up and see what the local indie devs are doing.

• We strongly encourage indie devs, students, programmers and artists to bring their current projects in! You can bring in your own machine, we have power cables, and we can help you out and learn something new!

• Bonus material for attendees! Let’s fill this place up! Tell your friends and coworkers to come hang out and play the games that are being made right here in Seattle!

• Happy Hour prices for Unreal Developers all night! Wednesday is also ladies night now so even more deals for them. This restaurant has excellent food and really takes care of us!

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