Seattle Unreal 4 Meetup WED NOV 18th!


Bring in Your Project For a Chance to WIN! LEAP MOTION PRIZE!

WED November 18TH!

Keynote presentation on Blueprints used in our VR game jam submission Four Torches! We’ll go over everything we did to make this game in VR and what your systems minimum requirements are to build VR games in UE4.

Congrats to last months winner !

Bring in your game for a chance to win a Leap Motion device!

Work alone or with a team (up to 5 members) to make the most incredible project in Unreal Engine 4, and bring it to the Meetup on the 18th!


The game must not be an obvious extension of one of Epic Games’ official Unreal Engine tutorials. The game must include custom gameplay that exceeds that found in Epic Games’ starter templates. All art assets in the game must have a material other than the default applied to it.


Leave a comment, or check the Unreal Forums for active users outside of Seattle.


• 5 - 6PM - Setup + Meet and greet. We’ll pass out name tags and have a few playable games made by us members, to play all night!

• 6 - 7PM - Play Game Submissions and after everyones had a chance to show off we will all decide on the winner!

• 7 - 9PM - More Q & A, one on one demos, and helping out with other members projects that are brought in.

• Surprise Nintendo WiiU MP game! They upgraded the TV’s in the back of ! That means we can upgrade our system with the HDMI WiiU!

• Bring your games, concept art, music, VR demos, whatever you’re doing with Unreal Engine we’d love to see it! Even if you have a game not built in UE4!

• Students are always welcome to bring projects to work on or just show up and see what the local indie devs are doing.

• We strongly encourage indie devs, students, programmers and artists to bring their current projects in! We have a demo laptop that runs UE4.6 you can upload your entire project to it or you can bring in your own machine, and we can help you out and learn something new!

• Bonus material for attendees! Let’s fill this place up! Tell your friends and coworkers to come hang out and play the games that are being made right here in Seattle!

• Check us out on Facebook too!
• Check us out on Meetup! events/226334988/

Here are some awesome games from our members!