Seattle: Looking for a project or team to work with? MEETUP WED APRIL 8th!!

Seattle Unreal Engine 4 Meetup Round 5!
Wednesday, April 8th, 2015
5 - 9pm

Hey Unreal Devs!

This is the official Unreal Engine Seattle Meetup group! We are at 167 developers and counting! And a few of them from Epic here in Bellevue WA. Even the founder of Polycount is a member and comes out! This is for game devs, indie devs, students, anyone interested is welcome!

We have some current projects going on in the group. Both of these games have started in the group and were showed to the public last Saturday at Indie Night here in Seattle! It’s really exciting because we all met at the Meetup and are now about 50% done with these new games!

Here’s a video I made from the last Seattle UE4 Meetup in March!

There are a few more videos of previous Meetups on the site too!

Hopefully you can make it and share your project with us! We have a new spot where we were offered the whole back suite area on our Wednesday Meetup! Check the Meetup page for directions. We can eat good food and enjoy drinks while chatting about Unreal and learn new things along with meeting new faces.

We have a schedule which is as follows:

• 5 - 6PM Meet and greet. We’ll pass out name tags and have playable games setup to mingle around.

• 6 - 7PM Scheduled tech demo on the projector screen with Q and A after.

• Last weeks demo included setting up over sized UVs and how to import animations from Maya into UE4. This time we’ll go over some PHYSICS!!

• 7 - 9PM More Q & A, demos, or helping out with other projects that are brought in.

• 8PM Raffle drawing! Prize valued at over $300!! ($5 tickets, up to 5 per person limit, all proceeds go to supporting this Meetup!)

• We get the whole suite in the back area of Sarajevo Lounge to ourselves and we get served happy hour menu the whole time, just for our crew!

• Everyone get’s a free AMA name tag, and if you want, grab the Monthly Blueprint Breakdown and Pro Tip brochure while supplies last!

• Smash Bros on Game Cube above the bar free play because we’re about that action.

• Bring your games, concept art, music, whatever you’re doing with Unreal Engine we’d love to see it!

• Ai Students are always welcome to bring projects to work on OR just show up and see what the local indie devs are doing.

• We strongly encourage indie devs, students, programmers and artists to bring their current projects in! We have a demo laptop that runs UE4.6 you can upload your entire project to it or you can bring in your own machine, and we can help you out and learn something new!

• Bonus material for attendees! Let’s fill this place to capacity! Tell your friends and co workers to come hang out and play the games that are being made right here in Seattle!

• Check us out on Facebook too!

So please bring your lovely face and project ideas, concept art, game design doc or whatever it is you want to share or have questions about.

For more info on the meetup:

Please join our group and RSVP!