Seasonal Unreal

I’m starting a series to try and showcase the different seasons in Unreal 4.
Here is my latest effort at trying to capture a cool moment in Spring.


Where? ):

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Uploaded the image for you Mike, not sure what was wrong before. Thanks for sharing.

Nice dude, is that trueSKY?

Thomas Kinkade, artist of Light, has got nothing on you! Really cool! Looking forward to more.

nice work… but the lighting feels really off. it also feels very flat… that being said… I like all the colors!

Nope, just a sky image, one of many I’m thinking about uploading to the marketplace

Very nice, colorful. Good work. =)



These are for a project I am working on, but they are also my “summer” attempts.

Beautiful work!

Extremely pretty, outstanding work. Will these be in a finished product? I’d love to walk around in there :wink:

It’s looking fantastic!
How’s your frame rate with all that foliage? I’ve been doing a bunch of testing with how much foliage I can get away with and it seems to vary depending highly on the model complexity. The latest foliage from the Epic “Open world demo” looks amazing, but I can’t put much in the scene before things start to choke.

30 fps currently, but this is going to be for a short film animation so ultimately I’m not too concerned about frame rates–although I am trying to keep it green in case I do end up using it at some point in a game.