[Season Sale] All Construct Games packs now 40% off

Hey all, I had a fair few messages from people asking me to let them know when my packs are next on sale.
I’m happy to say for this winter sale all of my packs starting today are reduced by 40% until 3rd January.
The packs on sale are:

Futuristic Lab Scene available over [Here]](Futuristic Lab Scene in Environments - UE Marketplace)

Beams and Lasers Pack available over [Here]](Beams and Lasers Pack in Visual Effects - UE Marketplace)

IES Light profile pack over [Here]](IES Light Profile Pack in Visual Effects - UE Marketplace)

Laser Turret Blueprint available [Here]](Laser Turret Blueprint in Blueprints - UE Marketplace)

Any comment or criticism is greatly appreciated and if anyone has any suggestions ore requests, feel free to contact me about them as I am always keeping an eye out for things to work on.
Keep an eye out too for future updates as I am currently working on a couple of new packs which I’ll be announcing the first some time soon. :smiley:

Futuristic Lab scene [40% off]:


Build your own stylish scenes with this futuristic asset pack which combines smart materials and modular props to create seamless environments.
This asset pack utilizes a series of smart materials to customize props placed into the scene to create coherent and seamless environments no matter how often assets are used.
Designed with usability and functionality in mind this asset pack brings with it all the tools to start building your own futuristic office or laboratory, included are a large variety of theme focused props such as the futuristic teleport centerpiece and automated doors.