Seascape ShaderToy Shader in UE4

Just attempted to convert Seascape shader from shadertoy to UE4.

Original shader by TDM: Shader - Shadertoy BETA

Material Function:

Material Usage:

End Result:

Unfortunately I haven’t got the coloring right though.

Download here (requires 4.19): Seascape ShaderToy Shader in UE4 | Unreal X-Editor

Looks great, we really need the download link.

Thanks! :). I’ll upload this in a few hours at my blog:

are you also going to replicate the waves? Because the waves of the source you linked look by far the most natural I have ever seen… They dont look so repetitive.

I downloaded it and put the seascape folder&files in my project’s /content folder, but neither UE4.18 or 4.16 does recognise the .uasset files.
which version did you use to make it?

Sorry I forgot to mention it. This requires 4.19 version.

THX for sharing :smiley:

Reproducing the waves will be difficult, as the shader has several functions that use loops.

You can use the Custom node to create a loop.

I’d like to see that in action! Hint: look forward to errors.

edit and PS: Prove me wrong, and I’ll digitally kiss you. In a friendly, thankful manner, mind you.

His example already makes use of it for other parts of the shader. The parallax occlusion node issued by Epic also makes use of a Custom node with a loop in it, check it out.