Searching Unreal Engine developer - making our 3D conference arena interactive

Our goal is to create an amazing virtual conference experience.

We’ve created a 3D conference hall which we can deliver in a Unreal format, existing out of 2 areas:

  • entrance hall
  • conference arena
    (see attachment for screenshots (work in progress)

We need an Unreal developer to make our 3D conference arena interactive. This for desktop and as part of a mobile app(Android / iOS).

At the entrance hall, on the wall, there are 5 ‘AR-like’ interactive screens which need to be build/implemented. Also, just like in a game, we need some controls to navigate, and gamification features.

In the conference arena we want to stream 2 prerecorded videos on our large screen and empower our attendees with some really cool gamification features.

For now it is not neceseray that attendees can walk in the virtual world. Looking around from 1 fixed point is already great.

When an attendee clicks on f.e. ‘conference arena’, a video will start that ‘guides’ them to the fixed spot in the conference arena. After the video ended, just like on a ‘first person shooter game’ there will be an overlay with buttons (control of player, opening ‘embedded view’ of the conference program, etc)

All data for these screens is already stored on our platform (build in Drupal / React).

Our goals are:

  1. we deliver you interactive embeddable ‘screens’ build with html/css, on our platform, while you embed these screens on the wall
  2. the ‘screens’ (html/css) need to be view in 3D perspective
  3. when an attendee clicks on a screen, the ‘camera’ moves to that screen (zoom) so he can start interact with that
  4. when an attendee clicks on the name of another area of the building → video starts until they are at the right spot in the other area
  5. there is an overlay with interactive buttons/features.

We can provide you:

  • ready to use ‘overlays’ (as we already designed most of the needed components) which only need to ‘bend’ with our wall
  • completely ready unreal engine 3D environment and building.
    You will work together with our team of developers and 3D modelers, and get all support you need (excl. Unreal coding - we don’t have any experience with that)

We’re looking for someone that has the skills to build the interactivity in Unreal Engine.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Glenn Jones