Searching hosted listen servers on steam only returns 1 result

I’m hosting listen servers using steamsockets on Steam. It works great, however I only ever get one result back when searching for hosted games (even when there are several hosted).

function _SearchOnlineGames() {
local OnlineGameInterface gameInterface;

gameInterface = GetOnlineGameInterface();

if (gameInterface != None) {
    SearchSetting = new class'ColdOnlineSearchSettings';
    SearchSetting.bIsLanQuery = false;
    SearchSetting.MaxSearchResults = 50;

    gameInterface.FindOnlineGames(class'UIInteraction'.static.GetPlayerControllerId(0), SearchSetting);

function OnServerQueryComplete(bool bWasSuccessful) 
    `Log("Games found:"@SearchSetting.Results.Length); //This is ALWAYS just 1 result.

Does anyone have any experience with this, or know why I might be only getting one result back?