Searching for team with game release experience and office.

Have six months experience working with UE4. Already tryied to find a good team in order to learn more and help with the game developing, but failed because of lack of company experience. Searching for serious company with game release experience and office. If the conditions is good enought, I am ready to move in company’s office. For begiining, I am ready to work for experience, if I am useful enought, we will talk about pay.

Here is my work, created during 2 weeks, in order to demonstrate a part of things which I can do.
Also have other works, ready to show them if you are intrsting.

If you are looking for a full time job as a programmer with 6 months experience you will find it pretty tough. The content of your video is pretty basic and does not show really anything that would make you stand out. I see very little programming knowledge here. You have also not even stated what position you are looking for, what languages you know, education or any relevant experience. You might want to join a royalty based team and get some knowledge and experience. As far as a paid position you will need way more knowledge to get something full time with anyone who has a Physical Studio.

Sounds like you’re living in a lovely dream you had… If you wish to be paid for your work then put the time into actually getting the skills and credentials behind you to prove your worth paying in the first place.

As mentioned above by Voodoo3d, you might want to try find a royalty based Team or put in a couple more years of self learning or grab some courses from sites such as and get your programming knowledge and skills up within UE4 before you get ahead of yourself asking for a professional team to consider you as any help. Sorry to be harsh but you’ll soon learn this community has a lot of time wasters and dreamers that haven’t even bothered to put in the time to learn their desired role. Put in some solid effort mate and try again in about 2-3 years and you might then get considered and would surely have more to showcase. Skills don’t come over night… Anyways best of luck.