Searching for teacher, I give back what you done

Hello guys. I’m French so I’ll try my best to make me understandable. First, I discovered UEX with the third edition (UE3 or UDK) two years ago. I tried UE4 last year / beginning of this year and since some days, I’m back on it with some good ambitions. The problem is that even with tutorials, there is a lot of things I see I don’t know how to do. So I’m searching for someone that will have the patience to help me sometimes when I’m stuckt, that will answer my questions. In this way, he will always be in the credits of my futur games, he will receive a part of the money I’ll get. I will help him in priority when he’ll need to do a lot of things and he’ll want me to do some of these easy things to go faster or because he doesn’t want to do these. I can also pay but I hope we won’t need to go there !

So if anybody want to help me, tell me, I’ll refesh this post some times to see if I have answers, thanks ! ^^