Searching for Project Management Tool

So i was looking for project management tools and everyone says trello and just go trello but tbh i dont really like the layout and i was wondering if theres any software or website that has what im gonna list below

Huge blank background and you can place elements like cards from trello but off that you build other cards to make trees(sorta like a family tree type deal) to so the things branch outand each card can be color coded to symbolize if that objective is done, so it starts branching out to different categories and different ways to go and you can see the big picture of the project instead of these programs and services like trello.

a Site that does this similar layout is so if theres any program out there that does it, it would help alot!

Im not exactly sure if it fits your requirements, but check out

I adore Asana (and I’ve tried a looooot of management apps). Here’s a screen of my game project setup (attached);

I’ve also used Todoist in the past, but it’s really quite a pain beyond a single-user task management app: